“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston S.Churchill. Let that quote resonate for a few moments. What does that mean to you and for your business? Throughout our lives we have certain milestones that we cross. Your first steps, first day of school, first job and the list goes on. These are all successes we have accomplished and yet still are not final. We keep growing changing and moving. Our goals are being adjusted as we are growing with what we see as the most important. This is true in all areas when running a business. To find our success and to feel our win we must use perseverance in managing and creating our realistic goals.

From the spark of your idea in starting a business and moving in whatever direction you seem fit, we must push ourselves and see things through. So often we can create unrealistic goals and watch as they fall between the cracks causing us a sense of failure. Let us use these feelings of failure to rise to our accomplishments in a business. Look at what you want to accomplish within your business and create attainable goals. Find a purpose for what you are doing whether it is changing your policies and procedures or creating different programs. With your purpose you will be able to stay focused and create a realistic plan of action in order to attain your goal. Ensure you stay committed and see your goal straight through to the end. Once you have achieved your win, that is the time to celebrate your perseverance and success while pushing to be better.


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