The day is just about done. You glance at the clock and it’s almost 5:00 pm where you have to rush out the door to get home for dinner and evening activities. Then you remember you need to quickly sign off on some very important documents but where are they? Searching frantically through your desk under the mounds of paperwork and miscellaneous items you start to feel the panic. They have been misplaced and becoming flustered, with papers flying to the floor you decide to fire off an email informing your client the forms will be late.


If this scenario is any bit relatable then you know your office space may be to cluttered and it’s time for a change. Having a work space that is untidy not only increases stress levels but it also decreases productivity. Why spend your time searching through piles of paper and miscellaneous items when you can have a clutter free work space with a designated spot for everything. Doing so also removes distractions. Giving yourself this clean area will create a domino effect.


Less distraction → increased productivity → lowered stress levels→ increase in mood



Options and Possibilities

How many of us act on impulse. We hear or see something that looks incredible and we want to jump right at it.Think about the times in the grocery store. Many go in with a plan on what you need but so often come out with more than we had intended. What about when your walking through the mall and a service catches your eye and you immediately go to it. We’ve all been there in those positions of impulse purchasing. In many cases there is not much for concern but on the business side of things acting on impulse can cause major problems.


When addressing the business side we have to have the “never judge a book by its cover,” mindset. Just because one option looks better at first glance, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the better choice. If you have ever watched “The Office,” there are some very stand out examples in your choices. For example your business needs paper products. On impulse you think of the big retailer because they have been around forever;You see it all the time. But what about the “Dunder Mifflin,” retailer who might be smaller but can provide you with the great quality and the personable experience that a large company may not.


Making decisions around your business should be thought out and researched. Because someone tells you something is better than another doesn’t mean you need to flock with the sheep. Get out do your research and explore all your options. You may end of with a different conclusion that could have a greater benefit.


Sleeping on the Job

How often do we end up at work exhausted? Maybe your kids were up throughout the night, your furnace conveniently decided to not turn on or your just restless and can’t fall asleep. We’ve all been there is some form and have struggled to make it through the day. What would you say if you were told you that napping rooms were becoming a part of some businesses.


Years ago coffee breaks were established in the workplace to increase productivity. It had been proven that taking a short break refreshed the mind and aided in employees abilities. This helped create the standards we have now. Depending on the hours you are working in a day, you are entitled to a number of breaks. That being said it is now taking a leap to businesses having “napping rooms.” At first glance it may seem crazy to think about, but there are some solid reasoning’s as to why it may have a benefit.


We’ve talked a lot about the hustle and bustle of our lives; We are always on the go. Having a resting room or napping room allows for our employees to have a home feeling. If our employees aren’t getting the chance to rest for example in a fast paced stressful job, we know the outcome could be burn out. Thinking of it in that sense makes it almost seem appealing. Not only that but imagine the boost in company moral and mental health. With that being said of course the thought comes with a cost. Having a designated area where employees can lay down isn’t necessarily easy to come by. Maybe there is some middle ground though like a lounging space where employees can go and rest in a comfort. What are your thoughts on incorporating a napping room or even a lounge area in your business?

capone sleeping

Customer Service

Experience; it says it all. When you walk into an establishment, your experience is going to determine whether or not you return. It also determines whether or not you are going to recommend that business. We know that advertising is very much by word of mouth; meaning we must ensure our employees and even ourselves are giving our customers the right expectations.


If you were to walk into your business as a customer what expectations would you have and would they be met? Experience is just as important as the product itself in many cases. With growing competitions if you don’t go above and beyond there is always somewhere else for customers to go. As business owners we need to take the necessary steps to uphold great service no matter what the job.


One morning we decided to go for brunch and were met with such negativity. The employee would not listen to what we had to say which ended up in numerous returns. We were cut off each time we would make a request and there was no personable interaction including the regular “thank you, have a nice day, etc.” This made for a very awkward meal but it also made us question whether or not the business owners knew what was happening out on the floor.

Could it be lack of training or direction to get people in and out? Maybe it was just an off day; We will never know but it did make for some good discussion on how we need to make sure we are giving customers a reason to come back.


What it really comes down to is allowing your customers to have a voice. Listen to what they have to say and what they need. They have a vision for what they want and the only way we can give them that is by listening. In our situation everything could have been avoided if the employee was actively listening. As owners we need to encourage that in our employees. Yes time is important and we all have schedules we must abide by BUT without building that customer relationship you may end up without.



“The breaks you take from work pay you back manifold when you return because you come back with a fresher mind and newer thinking. Some of your best ideas come when your on vacation.” (Gautam Singhania). When you are a small business owner, life can seem like a race track. Everyday we are pushing to get things done and keep our business moving in the right direction. We have a Go, Go, Go mentality. Sure we are aware that we need to have self care and take a day of here and there but is that really enough?


Your next day off you are challenged to be aware of how often you do something regarding your business. Whether it’s checking your business email, answering or making calls, even looking over business papers. You are likely to find that in your day or two you have off, you still have a focus on your business. Where is the relaxation in that?


It is proven that it takes a few days into your time off to actually feel less stressed and more relaxed. When your used to the hussle and bussle, you need to give yourself a few days to adjust to slowing down, unwind and actually feel a vacation. Not only is a vacation necessary to keep your sanity and your health it also gives your employees and whomever you’ve delegated in charge the ability to shine. Whether you take a staycation or decide to go somewhere ENJOY your time away. You will come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and may even see things with new eyes and come back with greater ideas.


Fear. A horrible feeling so many of us dread. It can be so crippling to the point of us no longer continuing what we are doing. It can cause us to second guess our actions and even steer us in another direction that may not be right for us. We can have the fear of not completing a job on time. Or maybe its standing in front of a crowd and speaking. What about changes being made within your business. So many scenarios can cause us to fear what it is we need to do and accomplish. It’s what we do with our fears that will define us and our business.







The best way to get over your fears is to understand that so often they are untrue. Your fears are fabricated in your mind over a certain circumstance or event. Breaking down the feeling matched to the task you have a fear over is going to help push you through. Within your business there are always going to be things you fear. Will I succeed? Will my product/service be well liked? Should I change or add to my business? Whatever it is that gives you fear turn it into a challenge. Take that feeling and push back. So often that fear can bring us over that mountain and turn whatever it is into success.

Productivity at Home

Working from home. The thought can be so exciting and many dream about having such an opportunity. Wake up when you feel like it, stay in your pajamas all day, eat and drink when you want to, take breaks when you decide, the list can go on… AND unfortunately the reality of it all is that it is the hardest way to work.  Working your business from home comes with many different challenges. You need to stay focused and on task with the numerous distractions that may come about. There needs to be discipline and strict planning. Reason being without that it can be difficult to accomplish the things you need to have done.


One of the toughest challenges you can face from working at home is alienation. You don’t have the opportunities to be around others as often. Because of this we can begin to turn to wearing pajamas, not getting up in the morning and becoming slow. This may seem fine at the beginning until you find yourself in a funk. I’m sure we have all been there when we question what it is we are doing. Is my work worth it? Why am I doing this? You can enter into this toxic mental game where you begin fighting with yourself. Feeling like you have to force yourself to get your work done. Staring at a screen but unable to read and comprehend what it is your working on. This is a true struggle in working at home so we need to take steps to reduce that sort of outcome.


  • Set an alarm. Getting yourself up at the same time everyday will help keep you on a schedule. Act as if you are heading out the door. Get yourself ready for the day. Not only will this help with motivation but it also makes you feel better.
  • Have a schedule. Plan your days out so you have set things to accomplish. Without having your goals it can become harder to complete things.
  • Create a goal board. Using pictures, words and quotes that relate to you and what you are doing can help keep you motivated.
  • Join a center that you can work out of once a week. This gives you something to look forward to and gets you out of the house. For example doing some work out of a library. This can aid in your moral in being around other people.


This is only a handful of ideas that can help keep you staying on the right path towards your goals while being at home. You need to find a system that works best for you. We all have something that motivates us. Maybe it’s a good book at the end of your work day or that chocolate bar in your cupboard. Whatever it is use it to your advantage and keep pressing forwards in your business.

work from home