“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and family and friends.”(Philip Green). It seems like this quote is a very obvious statement in that we will lose out on some aspect without balance. But how many can say they actually have balance between their work in their small business and home life? It truly is something to be considered as a goal because once you have your small business up and running, that business can completely take over you life if you allow it. That can sound as though it is a good thing because you’re investing all your time in your business which must mean a booming business. But what is that life if we can’t be human and enjoy things outside of work. There has to be an enjoyment in your work or regret and resentment can follow in suit.


What are some things you do in your daily life to help you recharge? Do you spend quality time with family or friends? Maybe you sit down and read a book or go to the gym. Everyone needs to have a little self care especially when you are a small business owner. With the amount of work you need to put in to continuously keep your business moving forward there has to be something to keep you charged and focused. It is not as easy as plugging in your electronic to be at 100 percent again. You have to turn yourself off and give yourself “me,” time. That can be as easy as taking 20 minutes to yourself each day to unwind. It may sound silly but when you lack in balance it is going to affect your business. You will eventually hit what we like to call “burning out.” When this happens you begin to lose your motivation and what your sights are set on. That can have the biggest negative effect on your business and what you work so hard on.


If you work tirelessly how are you ever going to enjoy what starting your business has given you. Specifically allocate some time to yourself everyday to recharge and prevent getting burned out. Your business will thank you for this and so will your mind and body and those around you. You may begin to realize when you have your balance, you are less likely to bring work home with you. This is a huge struggle for most and is why this balance is so important. You are entitled to a life outside of work so don’t throw that away.  


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