Delegate, Allowing for Growth

Delegation. What a wonderful concept yet so hard to obtain with confidence. How many of us, and I can vouch for myself, constantly think it’s just easier for you to complete tasks yourself? Instead of asking and requesting our staff or business partners to do certain jobs, the thought jumps through your brain that maybe you should just complete it, so you know it is done on time and done properly. We have all either had those thoughts or acted upon them. But did you know there are many negative consequences that arise from an inability to properly delegate.

First of all, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We can’t do it all because we aren’t superhuman. When you decide against delegating tasks you are adding to your already large workload which reflects on our previous blog on balance. When we put to many things on our plate, your business is going to suffer because you aren’t able to give 100 percent to absolutely everything. In turn you may end up feeling resentful within your business because of choices you have made.

Secondly, how are we going to give our staff and business partners the feeling that they can trust us and our decisions without giving them the opportunities they need to grow. Without delegation to the proper people, we are creating a negative environment where your co workers feel as though you don’t have trust in them and are keeping them stagnant. Instead look at their strengths and what they need to improve on and delegate from there. You hired them on a basis of trust, so we need to give them that. Ensure you are delegating the proper tasks to the proper people. We want to set up for success, not failure.

Lastly, it gives the opportunity for growth. Not only will you be strengthening the skills of your employees, but you are leaving room to grow your business as well. There will be more time to create different projects or enhance what you already have within your business.

delegateAs a business owner when you properly delegate the right tasks to the right people, the outcomes will normally be positive. You will continue to be able to give 100 percent to the tasks you have, your business will thrive, and your employees will grow immensely. When your employees feel that trust you have in them, their performance will increase, and this also is going to open up a huge communication area. “If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make an impact, learn to delegate.” (John C. Maxwell).

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