When there is Conflict

Throughout our lives we are thrown into situations where there is conflict. Some instances things can be fixed easily, others you may choose to wipe your hands clean, and other cases it takes work. When you are running and working in your small business, your choices are more limited with conflict and a resolution must be reached in each and every scenario. It is bound to happen and conflict cannot be ignored. Whether it is a disagreement between two employees or your code of ethics being challenged, there are specific ways to work through conflict so you can come out the other side with positive change. Some key points to keep in mind when working through conflict are:

  • Ensure everyone is in the right mindset for discussion. Reaching a resolution is much more difficult when emotions are talking instead of logic.
  • Pinpoint what the problem is and keep the focus on that. We can only work through one conflict at a time.
  • Remove blame. Pointing fingers and verballing attacking others will only fuel the conflict. Use “I,” language to address the problem and share feelings.
  • Use inclusion to negotiate the best form of action to solve the conflict.  

It is important to remember that every situation is different and you will need to have a box full of different tools to use. When in doubt don’t hesitate to call a professional who specifically deals with conflict resolution in the workplace.  


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