The Job at Hand

As a business owner we need to look at our business through the eyes of many. Not only do we need to see it through our own but also through our employees. Doing so is going to give you a better understanding of everything that is going on and how others are feeling. This is especially true with tasks we are allocating  to others and what we place on ourselves. Do we want to sink or swim?


When we are creating different tasks we need to ask ourselves a few questions. These questions are going to relate back to the whole picture of our business.


  • What are the benefits
  • Are we capable of accomplishing this task
  • If we are incapable who are we going to hire
  • Time frame of completion
  • Open mind that once time frame has arrived do we need to throw out the idea and try something new
  • Is everyone well informed on what I am asking


Without asking these questions we are putting ourselves into a situation where we may be working with no cause and no outcome.  This is where the importance of seeing and understanding your employees comes into play. Open and direct communication in what you are asking is going to carry the job. Giving proper direction to your employees is going to help everyone understand what part they are playing and increase the chance of success. It is important to stress that if there are any questions or concerns that they should be immediately discussed. Try including your employees in the planning process of the tasks being allocated. Not only is that going to provide inclusion but also it will place a bigger feeling of responsibility on the employer as they were part of the process.


It is very important to remember that when we are creating and allocating different tasks to ourselves and to our employers, not everything is going to work out as planned and we need to be okay with this. These times of “sinking,” are going to give us the ability to learn, adapt, change and create by questioning the process.

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