It’s funny how our lives become almost calculated. Day by day, hour by hour we have a set schedule for what we are going to do. Regardless of the business we are in we have deadlines to make and certain things to be done each day. Running our business with a set agenda has so many benefits as it ensures things are running smoothly. I’m sure many of us not only use our phones for alarms, schedules, calendars but we also have our daytimers we can carry around with us and the ones that stay at the office. You get that sense of accomplishment when things run on time in the fast paced life we live in. There is nothing more satisfying when you complete your task in a time crunch and make the deadline. Unfortunately though, there is another side to an “agenda living” lifestyle that can cause problems.


Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and stayed quiet after a person’s initial response to a question or statement. If you have not done this, I am asking that you do so. What you are going to find is very interesting. In general people in conversation do not like pauses. It can be almost an “awkward silence.” But did you know that the silence is a prime opportunity to find out more information from your clients/customers and even staff. Giving pauses allows for effective communication. Instead of rushing conversations to find out what your customer is looking for, or a problem a staff member may be presenting to you, if you choose to not have an agenda you will be surprised at the detail that may arise.


For example a woodworking business; you are the owner and a customer approaches you. Of course you are going to ask what they would like. Instead of responding right away to their answer if you pause that customer might go further into detail therefore giving you a better idea of how to serve them and really create what they invision. You could potentially be changing an answer of “I need a picture frame made,” to why they need the frame made and who its for. This gives you the chance to really create something they will love because there is a story behind it.

All in all it can be so beneficial to have your agenda for efficiency and of course to ensure everything is getting done in a timely manner but there is also a benefit to not having an agenda. It not only allows for effective communication but it can help in building relationships. Taking a step back and listening to what your customers and staff have to say will give you a better understanding and allow them to be heard.


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