Productivity at Home

Working from home. The thought can be so exciting and many dream about having such an opportunity. Wake up when you feel like it, stay in your pajamas all day, eat and drink when you want to, take breaks when you decide, the list can go on… AND unfortunately the reality of it all is that it is the hardest way to work.  Working your business from home comes with many different challenges. You need to stay focused and on task with the numerous distractions that may come about. There needs to be discipline and strict planning. Reason being without that it can be difficult to accomplish the things you need to have done.


One of the toughest challenges you can face from working at home is alienation. You don’t have the opportunities to be around others as often. Because of this we can begin to turn to wearing pajamas, not getting up in the morning and becoming slow. This may seem fine at the beginning until you find yourself in a funk. I’m sure we have all been there when we question what it is we are doing. Is my work worth it? Why am I doing this? You can enter into this toxic mental game where you begin fighting with yourself. Feeling like you have to force yourself to get your work done. Staring at a screen but unable to read and comprehend what it is your working on. This is a true struggle in working at home so we need to take steps to reduce that sort of outcome.


  • Set an alarm. Getting yourself up at the same time everyday will help keep you on a schedule. Act as if you are heading out the door. Get yourself ready for the day. Not only will this help with motivation but it also makes you feel better.
  • Have a schedule. Plan your days out so you have set things to accomplish. Without having your goals it can become harder to complete things.
  • Create a goal board. Using pictures, words and quotes that relate to you and what you are doing can help keep you motivated.
  • Join a center that you can work out of once a week. This gives you something to look forward to and gets you out of the house. For example doing some work out of a library. This can aid in your moral in being around other people.


This is only a handful of ideas that can help keep you staying on the right path towards your goals while being at home. You need to find a system that works best for you. We all have something that motivates us. Maybe it’s a good book at the end of your work day or that chocolate bar in your cupboard. Whatever it is use it to your advantage and keep pressing forwards in your business.

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