Policies Overview

Yesterday we had the opportunity to speak at the Stony Chamber of Commerce to discuss and present important information on policies in the workplace. Policies are the backbone of a business. They can help you sink or swim. They give you consistency, control, structure, fairness and reasonableness.
There are in two categories that polices fall into; Legislated policies and general HR policies.
Legislated policies are a make up of Workplace Privacy, Respectful Workplace (violence and harassment), Workplace Health and Safety, Hours of work and overtime, Vacations and General Holidays.
General HR Policies consist of your Code of Conduct, Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace, Use of Information Technology, and Performance Management.
Of course this is a general overview and a basic guideline and start to creating your policies. There is a lot of thought and detail that goes into your policy book which shouldn’t be created and just put on a shelf. You as business owner along with your employees should review your policies yearly to ensure complete understanding of what is required and if your policies are in line with not only current legislation but also your values as a company.
Special thanks to Sherry Shephard for her information and insight into policies.
We at BitLedger can work with you to ensure you have your policies up to date and moving in the direction your business is headed.

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