People Skills

people skills
Let’s talk people skills. When owning and running your own business it’s common knowledge to know that your going to encounter people. How we represent ourselves, how we carry ourselves is going to set a certain tone to potential clients, employees and people we meet. We want to be inviting and personable. But what about the business you run from home or the business where you may not have any employees? These instances our ability to socialize even when its work related can diminish and quickly. From a personal standpoint running a dayhome I quickly became almost awkward around adults. Reason being a majority of my communication is with kids and from my own home. Having adult conversations became harder and I could feel my communication skills slowly slipping away. Once that happens, imagine how hard it is interviewing potential new families (insert face palm).
So what do we do when we feel a decline in our ability to connect with others? What are some of your go to’s to keep you involved? Are you part of specific groups work related or not? Here are a few ideas to get you out with others and to keep those communication skills.
Join your Chamber. Many are active in getting businesses together to network and learn.
Involve yourself with other business owners and like minded businesses. This allows for you to bounce ideas, learn from others and create relationships
Toastmasters International. This is something new I have come across which offers some great content. They focus on public speaking, communication and leadership skills. All which are so vital in a business. There are clubs all over where you meet and have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills.
(photo credit to career cafe)

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