Let’s talk about email.

Many business owners use email as a large piece of communication. Not only between employees but also to customers, outside resources, marketing, event planning and much more. Email can be a huge means to stay connected and with that comes the importance to keep up with it.


Checking your emails routinely will prevent an overabundance of information where things may get lost. It is not uncommon for emails to get missed which can be easily preventable. Missing emails not only can disrupt your business if you miss important information, but it also can disrupt others. Potential clients may go elsewhere, employees may go without answers. The list in endless. Responding to emails in a timely manner will be beneficial for all parties.


The key to making sure your consistent is to set time during the day to focus on your emails. The last thing you want is to be mid email and suddenly get distracted. Having that allotted time ensures your correspondence is being completed properly. Also make a note to check your junk folders frequently to prevent missed messages that may have been marked as spam.


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