Do what you love

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” (Steve Jobs). There is so much truth to this quote. In anything we do in life we push our limits and boundaries for what we love. If we aren’t working on something that has a monumental personal value to ourselves, then we find ourselves struggling internally with filling a void. Would you rather work day in and day out over the course of 40 years with a feeling of dread and regret? We are given the ability to create our own success if we are happy in what we are doing.

A large portion of our lives are spent working. We are entitled to have fun and love what we do. When you combine those pieces in your business you are bringing a passion to the table that is going to bring out many of your bests. It is of great importance to love what you are doing in your business. This is going to carry to your customers. For example, as a customer, I am more likely to choose a business that has an excitement in what they are offering as opposed to a business who gives off a feeling of not caring about what they are doing. We have all experienced both kinds of businesses.

Enjoyment will take you much farther. You will be met with less resistance both personally and from your employees and customers. In turn this will also be an inspiration for others. We all admire those who make changes and love what they do. Don’t lose sight of your passion and like the quote says, “Do what you love, and the business will follow.” (Michel Fortin).


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