Local Matters

“Behind every small business, there is a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores, these didn’t come out of nowhere.” (Paul Ryan). Every small business has its own story on how it started, why it started and why they continue. Our towns are full of wonderful locally owned businesses that offer so much to our communities. Not only do they add character to where we are, but they provide services that are exceptional. We question our choices considerably when we are making purchases or pursuing a need and service. Where should we go? Should we have dinner at the chain restaurant or let’s try something new and eat at the locally owned restaurant. You will continue to be surprised at what our locally owned small businesses have to offer.

So often as consumers we are quick to jump onto the big corporations for meeting our demands and needs. Generally, this is due to the lower cost of products and the familiarity. We hear and see about these large businesses through media and our questions and concerns dissipate rather quickly. They can meet our demand right then and there which is a convenience for a consumer. But have we questioned the impact this has on our own businesses right here? The reasoning behind why these large businesses have such lower costs etc. If we keep feeding the larger, the smaller will suffer which will not only have an affect on our small business owners but it gravely affects our communities as well as ourselves.

Small businesses are the heart of the communities. They add the character and the personal experience. They are our family, friends and neighbors. When we look further into our communities to find these unique businesses we are most often met with exceptional personal experience. We are relatable, and this can build relationships. Not only can we build personal relationships, but this can also create business relations as well. Why not support one another? All it takes is a little bit of time. Instead of rushing against the clock take the time to see if there are locally owned businesses offering what you are looking for. It is destructive when we see these shops closing their doors because the support isn’t there due to us sending our money elsewhere instead of keeping it in the community. If we were to continue to shop local, we are bound to see a price reduction in services because it will create more small businesses. This in turn creates competition where we see the lowering of prices. Supporting local creates a positive ripple effect in our community benefiting everyone.

support local

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