Resources III

These past two weeks we have taken a look at some helpful resources for your small business including some top seller books as well as some great podcast channels to follow. This week we are taking a look at some insightful documentaries that offer some great information that pertains to starting and running your business.


  • TED Talk Life Hacks: There are numerous different discussions to look through and find what you need. These talks offer great inspiration and knowledge in so many areas that pertain to your business and self. For example there are talks on body language and the effects it can have as well as how to find work that you love.


  • Nothing to Lose: This is an inspirational film that dives into the story of a father who becomes an incredible entrepreneur. Inspiration is sometimes all we need to push ourselves into what we really want to do. Understanding others successes can give us the motivation to succeed ourselves.


  • Print the Legend: There are so many documentaries and motivational stories about the success of individuals and their companies but this one takes a look at the not so good pieces of starting a business which is just as important. We need to be prepared for the trials we will come across.


  • The Startup Kids: This documentary takes a look at young entrepreneurs and how they got to where they are now. They talk about their success and points on how to start your business.


These are just a handful of documentaries that are available with information that everyone can take away. It can serve a great benefit to learn from others in their trials and tributes.

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