Running your business isn’t just about opening your doors and hoping for the best. Customers will not flock to you without having the knowledge that you are there. Your doors may be open but there may also be competition in the same area; meaning you need to bring some of those customers to you. The question is how. How are you going to get your name out there. You need to hold an expectation that with hard work, you can make your business known. Here are some ways to get your business out there while also making connections.


  • If your business has a storefront, make it open and inviting
  • Always carry business cards with you incase the situation arises where you meet a potential customer/client
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Not only will this put your business in their directory, but you have access to so much more information, and potential customers
  • Attend trade shows in your area
  • Find networking events in your area
  • Having ads promoting your business such as radio, tv, billboards, newspaper, and vehicle decals
  • Social media marketing such as a website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Clothing boasting your business name
  • Sponsoring events


These are just a number of different ideas to promote your business. To this day the utmost important way of promoting your business is by word of mouth. Many customers come to a business because they have been recommended. Giving 100 percent is going to give you that opportunity. It is also important to note that business promoting is a job in itself. There is no harm in hiring out a market coordinator to help get your business moving in the right direction. It is also very important to remember that anyone who is carrying your brand can give positive or negative attention. For example if your vehicle has your business name on it, you best not drive erratic cutting people off. Initially promoting your business may seem like a daunting drawn out task but once you gain those first few clients the easier it becomes. Don’t feel defeated if it takes time. Hard work pays off.


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