Eye Catching

Last week we took a look at the promotional aspects of your business and how to get the word out about your business. But now we need to take a look at the words you are using to get your business noticed. Do you have a company saying or summary that goes along with your company description? Generally speaking when someone asks what your business is about, we tend to have a repetitive saying to this question. It is important though to address how you are describing your business; reason being we want to catch interest and not turn away potential customers/clients. There is a tendency to think that when asked the question “what is your business,” we should give a complete rundown of everything we offer but in doing so we can be creating a negative effect by not capturing attention. Here are some tips on how to describe your business through verbal interaction as well as in ads.


  • When asked about your company, don’t rush to give the full description. Many times this is to lengthy and people will begin to tune out and not catch exactly what you are saying. Instead give a short description leaving the conversation open ended. This is going to encourage further questions. When you can encourage more questions, you are creating an engagement into the conversation meaning they are actively listening to what you have to say.  
  • When having discussions ensure you are using words your audience is going to understand. “Dumb it down,” is a good saying for this. You are the expert often in these conversations so you need to speak in terms that others are going to comprehend. For example a scientist isn’t going to speak to an accountant using the language they would generally use to another scientist.
  • The least amount of words you can use in a description the better. When you are creating an ad for your facebook page or newspaper etc, the longer the description, the more daunting it looks to others. We are in such a fast paced environment so much of what we read we skim right through. This is why we need a quick description that is going to give a good summary of what you are offering.
  • The first couple sentences can make or break your ad description. You need to draw in your audience within the first few words, or you will be completely past by. Using words that catch attention are important. For example when you are reading the paper you will stop and read the ad that states “Free,” at the beginning. This is because we all love free things!


These are just a few suggestions in helping to create some eye catching ads and verbal descriptions. Depending on what you are selling is going to determine how you should advertise yourself. It is important to remember who your audience is and who you are trying to reach out to. That is going to be the main component when creating the perfect description.

eye catching

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