Wage Increase Arrival

Here we are October 1st 2018 and we have now had to implement the minimum wage increase making our province the highest in the country. This is huge news and many of us may not be prepared. Now that the day is here what have you decided to do in the interest of your company? As a small business have you had to make changes? We would love to hear the impact on this province wide increase.


According to Calgary Business leaders the effects may be damaging as there will be job loss and hours cut. As a business how are you going to protect yourself in a way that is also protecting your customers and employees. There are many questions to be asked with such a drastic increase and the effects can be scary for many. It is important to keep focus on what is in the best interest of the company. As we adapt and change to this new regulation we are going to need to support one another more than we have ever before.

holding hands

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