Who, what, when, where, why, how? We have heard these questions since the beginning of elementary school. These questions help give the right description in whatever we are discussing or creating. These are some great questions to ask yourself throughout your journey of running a small business. They can bring us back to where it all began and help us to remember why we started.


On occasion we can find ourselves stuck in our business. Unsure of adding something new or making changes and sometimes just tired. Using inspiration can help recreate an excitement and drive. We all need a push here and there whether it be from others or yourself. Inspiration is what moves us forward and gives us the motivation to keep going.


  1. Who inspired you? Maybe it was a friend or teacher or even someone in a book. Thinking back to that person can give you a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.
  2. What inspired you? Was there a certain event that caused you to start on this business path?
  3. When did the inspiration first come? Were you a child when you had this business idea or an adult?
  4. Where were you when it took place?
  5. Why did this inspiration occur? What made it so important?
  6. How did it come about? What events led up to it?


These questions are going to create your story on your business. It will help drive you forward in remembering, especially during rough times, why you began in the first place. We all need a boost on occasion and sometimes thinking up what kick started it all can relight that flame and keep the success going.


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