Blog Part II

Last week we looked at a marketing strategy known as blogging. This helps create customer followers through social media and lets potential customers see your knowledge. It is a great way to engage in your community offering insightful information that pertains to your business. Now we are going to break it down and see what information we should include to engage our readers.


  • Topic that comes back to your business. It is good to write blogs that have some information coming back to what you do as a business.


  • Catchy title: The title of your blog often the last part that you write. This is what is going to draw in your readers. You want them to have an idea on what the piece is about but also not give to much. This creates the need to read more.
  • The structure of your blog is very important. Staring at a long paragraph with no breaks creates a visual that is daunting and boring.
  • Keeping the length of your blog shorter is going to encourage readers. Many don’t have the time to sit and read a story. Having it short and sweet will encourage more readers.
  • Adding visuals to your blog will capture the attention of readers. We are more likely to read something that has an interesting photo attached with it. It also can give your reader an idea of what you are writing about.
  • Ensure you have someone editing your blog when finished for errors. A new set of eyes can help weed out the grammar and punctuation errors and increase the flow of a blog.


If you decide that writing blogs for your business is the next marketing step, these points may help get you started. If writing isn’t for you but you want to start on this new endeavor there are many bloggers and marketers that specialize in this area. It is okay to ask for help.  


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