October 17, 2018 Cannabis became legal across Canada. As a business have you thought about the effects it may have? Your employees as well as customers must be aware of how this regulation is going to affect your place of business. Not only are you going to need to look at a change in policy and procedure, you will need to add to it.


There are set laws regarding the legalization but you as a business can also set up your own parameters around the consumption of cannabis. Whether you are supportive of this change or not, this discussion and decisions need to be made. Training may need to be required in the workplace to ensure everyone is up to speed on the ins and outs of the legalization but also what your expectations are.


When it comes to gatherings of employees outside of work, are you as a company going to allow the consumption of cannabis? These are questions we need to ask ourselves but must make sure we are not including our own biases.  For example, medical marijuana that has been prescribed must be considered within your policies. If the safety is being upheld your business may not discriminate against such use as it may go against the human rights act.


There is so much information regarding the legalization and expectations but also so many unknowns. As a business stay on top of the changes that will continue to occur. Consult with business planners as well if you need help in changing of your policies and procedures. If you stay on top of these changes your business, employees and customers will thank you.

For more information on the legalization there is a link down below.


Employer guide to cannabis use—addressing-marijuana-in-the-workplace.pdf?sfvrsn=e35af6c3_8


Government of Canada


For help in going over/changing your policies and procedures please contact BitLedger at


Special thanks to Sherry Shephard for her research and information.

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