How many of us have struggled with employees or clients/customers? Maybe things didn’t mesh well or weren’t done the way we would have liked. No matter the length you have been in business you are going to run into problems large and small regarding people. Confrontation can be a huge hurdle for some, and others may be too quick to jump into it. Wherever you fit when it comes to dealing with problems in your business there are important pieces to think about before deciding your plan of action.  


Time and time again it has been proven that picking and choosing your battles is so important. We can’t constantly jump on someone for every little thing we consider a mistake. For example if we delegate a task and that person goes about the process different than you, are they wrong? Is it worth the fight to have them change their way? If the end result is correct and there is no negative effect then weigh your options.


Conflict and constant battles with others can take a toll on you and your employees/customers. There will be many times where we won’t see eye to eye with others. In such instances it is good practice to learn to let certain things go. Having a balance between knowing what you want and what can slide is so important. We don’t want to become that sour business owner. We want to grow and have more positive experiences then negative. In order to do that we sometimes have to let things go and learn to be okay with them while also honouring our values and beliefs.


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