It’s mid November and the holidays are fast approaching. Do you have any specific business differences during this time of year? What about a change in business hours or product/service pricing? During the holidays the market is flooding with these kinds of changes and it can be something your business can partake in as well.


It can be hard to look at what your offering and bringing it to a discounted price. We immediately think discount equals less revenue. But that is not always the case. There can be an extreme benefit to your business if you offer promotional products/services over the holidays due to such a high demand in purchases. Having a limited time promotion can bring in new customers, and expand the business name which can give your business the opportunity for further successes.  


What about changes in your hours of operation? It is very important to give notice to such changes. Firstly to your employees; they need to be aware of any differences in their work schedule. This gives them and yourself the opportunity to plan ahead as well as get work done ahead of time to prevent a delay during the holidays. Also ensure your customers are informed to any changes. There is nothing worse than a customer setting off to a business and finding they are closed with no warning. Things like signage at your place of business, posting in the media, and voicemail changes are all things we can do to let our customers know.

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