Mail: How is it Affecting you

Canada Post has been on strike for a few weeks now which has caused delays in our mailing. Packages and mail are moving at a much slower rate which in turn can cause delays on getting our products out to our customers. This also can slow down communications we have between customers and business partners. As a small business are you feeling an effect in how you are able to communicate and run your business effectively?


We know jumping through hurdles comes with being an entrepreneur. In order to succeed we have to run with the punches and adapt quickly to what is going on around us. With the rotating strikes have you found yourself in such a position? Maybe it’s time to look at different shipping options to not only be prepared for events such as this but to ensure we are keeping on time.


The last thing we want is for our customers to be dissatisfied because of a lengthy wait on their products. Looking into other companies that ship could hinder the effects. Giving customers the options to choose between a possible delay in a product and a timely arrival of a product can go a long way in how they and others view your business. Another change that many have not adhered to is moving towards electronic communications including payroll. So much of your business filing and paperwork can be completed online. This removes a reliance on your mail arriving on time.


On another note the rotating strike can cause a positive to your small business. With entering into the holiday season, those who are online shoppers are second guessing ordering. This is due to the fear things won’t arrive on time. With that fear, many will turn to local shopping to ensure they have what they need in time.


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