Party Time

It’s the time of year many look forward to. The holidays have begun and the festivities are happening. Often among those festivities  are work Christmas parties. As a business do you plan and offer a Christmas party to celebrate with your employees? If so what do you do? There are many options from having a simple luncheon, to dinner at a restaurant or even a full evening out. But there are a few ground rules that should be put in place.


We all love to let loose and have fun. Getting together with the coworkers outside of work for a Christmas party can be exciting but we need to remember that we are employees/managers/owners. There are certain lines and boundaries we do not cross even at a non formal gathering. For example you don’t want to be the one on the floor because you drank too much. Not only is that embarrassing but not something you want your boss or board members to witness. It’s important to remember you will be seeing them again in your work setting. There is nothing wrong with going out and having fun. It can bring you closer as a team by getting to know each other outside of work. But remember you are coworkers.

party time

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