“The breaks you take from work pay you back manifold when you return because you come back with a fresher mind and newer thinking. Some of your best ideas come when your on vacation.” (Gautam Singhania). When you are a small business owner, life can seem like a race track. Everyday we are pushing to get things done and keep our business moving in the right direction. We have a Go, Go, Go mentality. Sure we are aware that we need to have self care and take a day of here and there but is that really enough?


Your next day off you are challenged to be aware of how often you do something regarding your business. Whether it’s checking your business email, answering or making calls, even looking over business papers. You are likely to find that in your day or two you have off, you still have a focus on your business. Where is the relaxation in that?


It is proven that it takes a few days into your time off to actually feel less stressed and more relaxed. When your used to the hussle and bussle, you need to give yourself a few days to adjust to slowing down, unwind and actually feel a vacation. Not only is a vacation necessary to keep your sanity and your health it also gives your employees and whomever you’ve delegated in charge the ability to shine. Whether you take a staycation or decide to go somewhere ENJOY your time away. You will come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and may even see things with new eyes and come back with greater ideas.

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