Customer Service

Experience; it says it all. When you walk into an establishment, your experience is going to determine whether or not you return. It also determines whether or not you are going to recommend that business. We know that advertising is very much by word of mouth; meaning we must ensure our employees and even ourselves are giving our customers the right expectations.


If you were to walk into your business as a customer what expectations would you have and would they be met? Experience is just as important as the product itself in many cases. With growing competitions if you don’t go above and beyond there is always somewhere else for customers to go. As business owners we need to take the necessary steps to uphold great service no matter what the job.


One morning we decided to go for brunch and were met with such negativity. The employee would not listen to what we had to say which ended up in numerous returns. We were cut off each time we would make a request and there was no personable interaction including the regular “thank you, have a nice day, etc.” This made for a very awkward meal but it also made us question whether or not the business owners knew what was happening out on the floor.

Could it be lack of training or direction to get people in and out? Maybe it was just an off day; We will never know but it did make for some good discussion on how we need to make sure we are giving customers a reason to come back.


What it really comes down to is allowing your customers to have a voice. Listen to what they have to say and what they need. They have a vision for what they want and the only way we can give them that is by listening. In our situation everything could have been avoided if the employee was actively listening. As owners we need to encourage that in our employees. Yes time is important and we all have schedules we must abide by BUT without building that customer relationship you may end up without.


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