The day is just about done. You glance at the clock and it’s almost 5:00 pm where you have to rush out the door to get home for dinner and evening activities. Then you remember you need to quickly sign off on some very important documents but where are they? Searching frantically through your desk under the mounds of paperwork and miscellaneous items you start to feel the panic. They have been misplaced and becoming flustered, with papers flying to the floor you decide to fire off an email informing your client the forms will be late.


If this scenario is any bit relatable then you know your office space may be to cluttered and it’s time for a change. Having a work space that is untidy not only increases stress levels but it also decreases productivity. Why spend your time searching through piles of paper and miscellaneous items when you can have a clutter free work space with a designated spot for everything. Doing so also removes distractions. Giving yourself this clean area will create a domino effect.


Less distraction → increased productivity → lowered stress levels→ increase in mood



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