Options and Possibilities

How many of us act on impulse. We hear or see something that looks incredible and we want to jump right at it.Think about the times in the grocery store. Many go in with a plan on what you need but so often come out with more than we had intended. What about when your walking through the mall and a service catches your eye and you immediately go to it. We’ve all been there in those positions of impulse purchasing. In many cases there is not much for concern but on the business side of things acting on impulse can cause major problems.


When addressing the business side we have to have the “never judge a book by its cover,” mindset. Just because one option looks better at first glance, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the better choice. If you have ever watched “The Office,” there are some very stand out examples in your choices. For example your business needs paper products. On impulse you think of the big retailer because they have been around forever;You see it all the time. But what about the “Dunder Mifflin,” retailer who might be smaller but can provide you with the great quality and the personable experience that a large company may not.


Making decisions around your business should be thought out and researched. Because someone tells you something is better than another doesn’t mean you need to flock with the sheep. Get out do your research and explore all your options. You may end of with a different conclusion that could have a greater benefit.


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