We know the biggest piece of running a successful business is having a solid team of people. Whether it be business partners, employees or your support system; who you are running this race with can make or break you. How your outlook is on your day to day encounters with your team will set the tone for future days to come. We came across a great article called “ 11 Comandments for an Enthusiastic Team.” (

Each point resonates well for any business owner and are pieces we should strive to attain. Here are a few good points.


  • Instead of focusing on what is wrong let’s teach to do things right. We can be so quick to jump when something goes wrong. Trying to take these situations and turn them into positive learning experiences can change the workplace and reduce mistakes.
  • Negative assumptions should be thrown out. Check things out if you feel something may not be right. Making accusations can and will cause a division between yourself and others. 
  • New ideas and changes can be a tough bridge to cross but embracing them and trying can make all of the difference. When someone discusses a potential new idea, shutting it down right away leads to negative views. Allowing for exploration can encourage growth and learning in both yourself and others. 
  • Scrap the all work no play attitude. Yes work needs to be priority but having an environment that is inviting, positive and fun will make everyone enjoy being there and is proven to increase productivity.teamwork

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