Customer Reviews

It’s no surprise when we talk about how our world has become digital. So much of what we do is based online whether its social media, websites, blogging etc. This has brought a change involving business and how we promote ourselves. We have moved to advertising on numerous different online platforms to gain attention and customers. In one aspect this can be great for business if you know how to utilize it but on the other side it can become troublesome. 


With social media, word can travel fast. You can have great reviews with people recommending your business. But with positive comes negative. We know we can’t always please everyone. Some people jump to negative reviews on social media without giving the business knowledge of their complaint. So what do you do with those reviews? Leaving those customers that are unhappy can fuel the fire. As a business we need to be aware of reviews in order to help rectify situations that we can fix. For example a customer writes a negative review saying your product was missing certain pieces. Striving to be a business that mediates will in turn show you care about your customers by responding and looking for a solution.


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