Sleeping on the Job

How often do we end up at work exhausted? Maybe your kids were up throughout the night, your furnace conveniently decided to not turn on or your just restless and can’t fall asleep. We’ve all been there is some form and have struggled to make it through the day. What would you say if you were told you that napping rooms were becoming a part of some businesses.


Years ago coffee breaks were established in the workplace to increase productivity. It had been proven that taking a short break refreshed the mind and aided in employees abilities. This helped create the standards we have now. Depending on the hours you are working in a day, you are entitled to a number of breaks. That being said it is now taking a leap to businesses having “napping rooms.” At first glance it may seem crazy to think about, but there are some solid reasoning’s as to why it may have a benefit.


We’ve talked a lot about the hustle and bustle of our lives; We are always on the go. Having a resting room or napping room allows for our employees to have a home feeling. If our employees aren’t getting the chance to rest for example in a fast paced stressful job, we know the outcome could be burn out. Thinking of it in that sense makes it almost seem appealing. Not only that but imagine the boost in company moral and mental health. With that being said of course the thought comes with a cost. Having a designated area where employees can lay down isn’t necessarily easy to come by. Maybe there is some middle ground though like a lounging space where employees can go and rest in a comfort. What are your thoughts on incorporating a napping room or even a lounge area in your business?

capone sleeping

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